Spring Update

Good Morning All,

This update is way overdue….thanks for hanging with us. First, we want to you to know we sincerely appreciate you; our customers.  It is so good to see familiar names again and again.   Our desire is to design and produce quality products at reasonable prices.  Your repeat business tells us we are doing that.

Those of you who keep up with us on Facebook  know we now are the super PROUD PAW AND GRANNA of our first grand child.  He is the ‘bees knees’.

We’ve added a new fragrance blend that is highly popular “Pink Lady” (not like the apple).  Frankenscnse and Calendula make this soap and lotion a must have for skin rejuvenation. Essential oils in this blend are complex but not overpowering.  Everyone that tries it is crazy about it.

At Bee Sweet Naturals spring brings work – Beekeeping chores, soap making, and spring shows to name a few.    Some of our long time venues have changed but that has opened doors for new ones…..   keep an eye on our events page; I will try to keep it updated.


“It is good to be Queen”