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Natural Skin Care

Bee Sweet Natural Skin Care

 For more than a decade,  Bee Sweet Crafts has been proudly bringing to our community quality natural body care products via local venues and festivals.  It is our great joy to see customers return year after year and to meet new friends.



We hope to see you at many of the upcoming events.

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 Blog Posts

  • Spring Update

    Good Morning All,

    This update is way overdue….thanks for hanging with us. First, we want to you to know we sincerely appreciate you; our customers.  It is so good to see familiar names again and again.   Our desire is to design and produce quality products at reasonable prices.  Your repeat business tells us we are doing that.

    Those of you who keep up with us on Facebook  know we now are the super PROUD PAW AND GRANNA of our first grand child.  He is the ‘bees knees’.

    We’ve added a new fragrance blend that is highly popular “Pink Lady” (not like the apple).  Frankenscnse and Calendula make this soap and lotion a must have for skin rejuvenation. Essential oils in this blend are complex but not overpowering.  Everyone that tries it is crazy about it.

    At Bee Sweet Naturals spring brings work – Beekeeping chores, soap making, and spring shows to name a few.    Some of our long time venues have changed but that has opened doors for new ones…..   keep an eye on our events page; I will try to keep it updated.


    “It is good to be Queen”



    Good Morning,

    Hope this finds each of you healthy and looking forward to a joyous Christmas season with family and friends.  It has been a busy year here at Bee Sweet Naturals.  Tried a couple of new venues – with mixed reviews, but such is life.

    The honeybees have all written their letters to “Santa Bee” and lucky for us they use self adhesive stamps…..:-)

    If you haven’t finished that shopping list give us a call. We have our full line of  natural body care products, beeswax candles,  handwoven shawls and scarves as well as gift certificates  for professional skin care services by Beth.

    For those coffee lovers check out Big Ben’s Coffee Roasting.

    We are excited to have our beeswax ornaments and some of Larry’s gorgeous  handwoven items for sale at Linville Falls Winery /Tree Farm. If you are looking for some beautiful mountain scenery and welcoming atmosphere,  look no further.  Tell Linda we sent you.

    In this season of hurry and scurry please take a moment to stop and be thankful for Gods perfect gift to all who accept Him – Jesus is the reason for the season.  Merry Christmas!



  • Seasons
    Bee Sweet Natural Skin Care

    Bee Sweet Naturals at Painters Greenhouse

               Are you as thrilled with the warmer temperatures as we are?  Up on our hill fruit trees are blooming and honeybees are buzzing. The ‘king’ bee has been busy busy busy;  hiving new packages,  getting the bee yards in shape and preparing for, hopefully, a bountiful honey season.

               Our ‘Festival season’ kicks off April 12-13, 2014 at  Painter’s Greenhouse in Old Fort with their very popular annual Herb Festival.  I love starting our show season surrounded by beautiful plants…. and obviously many of these plants love me because they seem to follow me home :) Can’t wait to catch up with friends and make some new ones.

               Come by and check out our full line of body care products.  After planting all those new flowers your hands will be happy you bought some Queen Bee Body Lotion.

                PS…(rumor has it there will be some delicious coffee for sampling from Big Ben’s Coffee Roasting).

  • Honeybees – did you know?

    Honeybees –     “Apis mellifera” a honey producing bee that lives in organized groups and has been domesticated for its honey and beeswax since ancient times’*(Encarta).


    Did you know:  Honeybees  dance.  Scout bees bring back information to the hive and perform a ‘wig wag’ or ‘waggle’  dance to tell the forager bees where to find water, nectar, or pollen.

    Check out this video on YouTube: Beekeeping Waggle Dance.

  • Introducing Bee Sweet Naturals Soap Box

    soap box

    Most of us of a certain age equate the term ‘soap box’ to someone loudly exclaiming their opinion on some political issue or other hot topic.  In fact the phrase ‘getting on ones’ soap box’ originated when someone would step onto a wooden crate or similar container to speak and be heard and seen above the crowd.  You will most likely find the hot topics on ‘Bee Sweet Naturals Soap Box’  to be about honeybees, soap and natural products. However, I make no promises I won’t occasionally go on a rant about something that raises my hackles….but I do promise to maintain a ‘G’ rating.

  • Soap 411 info

    A little soap 411:

    Handmade Natural SoapHow does soap work? “By decreasing the surface tension of water, soap draws infectious agents, along with other unwanted or irritating substances, away from the skin.” “When we add healing herbs to soap, we increase its power to cleanse, soothe, and protect in a natural, healthful way.”

    – Sandy Maine; well-known soap crafter and author


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