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Honeybees – did you know?

Honeybees –     “Apis mellifera” a honey producing bee that lives in organized groups and has been domesticated for its honey and beeswax since ancient times’*(Encarta). Did you know:  Honeybees  dance.  Scout bees bring back information to the hive and perform a ‘wig wag’ or ‘waggle’  dance to tell the forager bees where to find water, […]

Handmade Natural Soap

Soap 411 info

A little soap 411: How does soap work? “By decreasing the surface tension of water, soap draws infectious agents, along with other unwanted or irritating substances, away from the skin.” “When we add healing herbs to soap, we increase its power to cleanse, soothe, and protect in a natural, healthful way.” – Sandy Maine; well-known […]